Three one-Day Financial Workshops for Clergy

“Both Ministering to Ministers and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia are committed to clergy and congregational health and vitality. That’s why we are partnering to provide this one-day workshop called Money Matters. We invite all clergy to participate – the lessons learned will change your life now and into the future. Together we will consider the spirituality of money, practical skills for managing financial resources, tips for taxes and housing allowances, investing for retirement, finding joy and purpose in retirement, and much more.”


  • One in five pastors does not save for retirement.
  • The median amount for those who have set aside funds was a meager $30,000.
  • Barna survey revealed ministers nearing the end of their careers indicated they will have very little income to sustain them when they retire.
  • Thoughtful and intentional steps can promote financial health and help clergy be models of biblical stewardship.
  • “Dying in the pulpit is not a retirement plan!”


This workshop is for clergy of all ages. Vocational ministers can and must learn budgeting skills, the impact of debt, how to improve your credit score and maintain good credit, and the power of discipline around financial matters. Whether you are just getting started in ministry and want to pay off college/seminary debt or are concerned about funding college for your children, are mid-career and want to make sure you are on the right path, or are nearing retirement, Money Matters is for YOU!

Sponsored by Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia & Ministering to Ministers

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