Kathrin sits down with Skip to explore the landscape of change and talk about how, sometimes looking in the rearview mirror can help us each discern the central cores of what we believe, what keeps us strong, and how we can grow deeper in love and relationship through our lives.

Pastor Skip Irby has been a volunteer facilitator at Ministering to Ministers Wellness Retreats for eight years and has chaired the Board of Ministering to Ministers since 2019. Drawing on his 35 years’ study of family systems, life in ministry, and willingness to look in the rearview mirror, Skip invites us to reflect on what matters to each of us, embracing our strengths, and discovering resilience in the face of adversity. 

Ministering to Ministers Resources (Library)

Ministering to Ministers Wellness Retreats

Edwin Friedman books:

Generation to Generation


Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix  


The Edwin Friedman Model of Family Systems Thinking, Academic Leadership, The Online Journal 


TEDx How The Story Transforms the Storyteller, by Donald Davis 


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Podcast - Working on the Dance of Ministry

by Kathrin Gabriel-Jones | Friends For The Journey

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