Reflection: Are You Okay


Kathrin’s dog makes an appearance today, expressing canine concern in the midst of a world filled with confusion and stress. But, let’s get real, sometimes companion animals provide the most honest way of asking, “are you okay?”


Sometimes it’s hard to know how to answer that question.  We may not realize the standard we hold for our own self.  There may be even expectations we unknowingly place on our own self, our own identity, our own experience.


Are We Okay?  Are You Okay?


Getting to the core of “are you okay?” takes work.  But my dog understands that hard work of being there, being with, and being loved.



Covid-19: Resilient Educator Toolkit dedicated to the support of teachers and educators, students, parents, and families.


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“Healthcare Worker Burnout & Self-Care” by Dr. Alisa Burpee, a Seattle-based clinical psychologist.  (last accessed 09/08/20)


HelpGuide, a nonprofit mental health and wellness website, provides evidence-based information for a broad spectrum of issues, concerns, and circumstances:


National Association of Social Workers provides some good resources & strategies for self-care during the Coronavirus Pandemic:


Kathrin Gabriel-Jones’ August 13, 2020 presentation at Rockland Public Library, Rockland Maine: “What Does It Mean To Be Okay?”


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