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Reflection: There We Go Being Human Again


It’s that familiar feeling that never feels good: that realization of making a mistake, overlooking something important, missing a deadline, speaking when listening might be the better option…


There we go, being human again.


I first heard this phrase from a wise woman I met who, upon hearing me berate myself for an oversight, said There you go, being human again…did you think you were immune?


That Oh no! feeling:

  • during those last inches of empty space after missing the last step while going downstairs…
  • as your hand knocks against something on the counter that begins to whirl and tilt…
  • hearing the thoughts that had been rolling around inside your own head coming out of your mouth at the point when a conversation transforms into an argument…
  • realizing what day it really is after a bad (or good) night’s sleep…
  • losing time in the whirlwind of news stories, bad stories, epic tales, or a lovely conversation…


That moment…it’s universal for all of us…there we go, being human.


Some links to share:

Call them what you will, everybody experiences them now and again: meltdowns. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-art-of-the-meltdown-11602015018

From the Iona Community, this short, prayerful meditative prayer soothes and comforts: https://youtu.be/iMU1k845KuE

The natural world provides much calming support. Of course, we’re not always able to get back to nature when we’d like to, so here’s a little bit of the natural world for you:

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Moon Jelly LiveCam

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Monterey Bay LiveCam

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