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Laurie Curtis: Swimming in the Deep End of the Pool

Once upon a time, While I felt a bit lost & in a tizzy & a flurry, I met this person, Laurie.

Laurie Curtis is happy to wear a collection of hats in her work with her clients and in her life.  In our conversation, we dive deep into the topics of hope and resilience, trauma, and the confluence of them all in the journey in our lives.

Early in our conversation, I tell Laurie that I just wanted to “dive into the deep end.” With grace and insight, Laurie and Kathrin swim easily into the depths of heartfelt conversation, and rise back up to the surface together, ready to welcome you along the way.

Some links to share:

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Life Stress Reduction Program

Laurie’s equation for resilience: Resilience = Hope + Action Laurie’s acrostic of CHANGE

C – Clarify

H – Hope

A – Action

N – Navigate

G – Growing

E – Expand


Barbara Frederickson


Positive emotions


Traumatic Incident Reduction Association of America

Traumatic Incident Reduction Institute of Maine


Family Systems Theory

An Introduction to Genogram, the symbols of family systems theory


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