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Roberta Damon: Forgiveness, Clothing, and Roses


As promised, Kathrin and Roberta sit down for another fantastic conversation, this time diving into the intersection of hope and cynicism, what forgiveness means, and why each person deserves the chance to make their own choice about forgiving someone who has caused harm.


While both Roberta and Kathrin share stories during their conversation, each one humorous and poignant in turn, Roberta reflects on the story she’d shared as a clinical facilitator at Wellness Retreats provided by the Ministering to Ministers foundation.


As the friendship between Roberta and Kathrin grows during this episode, they invite you to join them.  Welcome, friend. It’s great to have you with us for the journey.


Some links to share:

Why Memorizing Stuff Can Be Good for You (Forbes, by Natalie Wexler, 2019)

Memorizing Poetry:

Why You Should Be Memorizing Poetry (Medium, by Benya Clark, 2018)

Got Poetry (by Jim Holt, New York Times, 2009)


The origins of cynicism

TedEx video: https://youtu.be/Utzym1I_BiY

One perspective on cynicism from The School of Life

(Here is the link to The School of Life YouTube channel.)           


Sources about the Jerzy Bielcki & Cyla Cybulska story:

From Haaretz: Former Inmate Recalls Daring, Romantic Escape from Auschwitz

From The New York Times: JJerzy Bielecki Dies at 90 Fell in Love in a Nazi Camp

From Yadvashem, The Stories of Six Righteous Among the Nations

From Keene State College, Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies 


Roberta’s Website: RobertaDamon.me

Books authored by Roberta:

A Voice Beyond Weeping

Dear Mrs. Noah: Letters to Unnamed Women of the Bible

Roberta’s Introduction to Dear Mrs. Noah on YouTube

Dear Abishag: Letters to Little Known Women of the Bible

Theirs Is the Kingdom

Roberta M. Damon, PhD, recipient of the Ministering to Ministers’ Campbell-Wallace Award

Interested in Contacting Roberta? Send her a note here.



Lewis B. Smedes’ book, Forgive & Forget, Healing the Hurts We Don’t Deserve




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