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Reflection: On Being A Friend for the Journey


If we’re lucky, we discover some friendly people along the path.

If we are very lucky, we find some friends for our journey. 

In this farewell episode of Friends for the Journey podcast, I’ve crafted a little, truly authentic reflection for you: more than ever, you get to hear Kathrin in her most honest, human experience. 

This podcast, comprised of over 60 conversations with different people, culminates in 38 expressions and definitions of hope.  All of this makes for a cornucopia of thoughtful insight. 

All of this is made possible by the Ministering to Ministers Foundation which, since 1995, has dedicated effort, time, hours, treasure, support, prayer, and more to the care of clergy and their families who have been wounded during their service in God’s call. 


For all who have been wounded, we pray for comfort.

For who have survived, we praise all that is holy for your continuing lives.

For all who have experienced a loss of faith due to the pain they endured, we see you and we love you.

For all who remember the pain as if it were yesterday, you are not alone.

For all who look at the years that have been and those years yet to come, we stand with you.

For all….

                There is love.


Thank you for being my Friend for the Journey.


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Kathrin Gabriel-Jones has been proud to develop and host this Friends for the Journey podcast. To contact Kathrin, you are welcome to send her a note here.


Many thanks to Ministering to Ministers, who produce and support this podcast.  Please check out the resources available through this fantastic foundation:

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