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Beverley G. Buston, Ph.D.

2013 Recipient

of the Campbell-Wallace MTM Service Award
April 5, 2013
Richmond, Virginia

Beverley was born and raised in Charleston, WV, where she graduated from Stonewall Jackson High School. The youngest of five children, she went to nursing school in Richmond, Virginia, graduating from Stuart Circle Hospital School of Nursing in 1964.

She married Jamison Buston a week later, and they proceeded to Galveston, Texas, where Jay was stationed in the Public Health Service hospital. Their honeymoon trip was disappointing with a cracked motor block in their car, so the newlyweds left Brewton, Alabama in a new car and a lot of debt.

Beverley did University hospital nursing, enjoying a two-year honeymoon in Galveston, except a six-month interruption when Jay was sent to Alaska following the 1964 earthquake and tsunami. So, she returned to Charleston and stayed with her mother until Jay returned.

They then were transferred to the NavahoIndianHospital in New Mexico where their first child, Anne, was born in the Indian hospital. Anne’s birth certificate indicated her race as Indian.

Jay and Beverley returned to Richmond in 1967 and continued to raise their three children. When the youngest, Alice, started kindergarten, Beverley decided to enter Virginia Commonwealth University to complete her degree since she only had a nursing school certificate. Thirteen years later, Alice graduated from high school and Beverley received her Ph.D. degree in psychology.

Beverley worked at the University of Richmond student counseling center for three years then entered private practice, until the end of 2000. She has continued private consulting and an extensive array of community and inter-agency involvement, including work for federal agencies and doing psychological assessments for Episcopal candidates for seminary, then for progression to candidacy for graduation.

She has served in women’s service organizations, been active in the St. Michael’s Episcopal parish with two terms on the vestry and served as senior warden, plus being involved in many commissions. She has worked with the Diocese of Southern Virginia in many roles and on multiple committees. She continues with consultations with parishes in difficulty and those seeking stronger and healthier parish life. Conflict resolution, team-building, vestry retreats and clergy support groups are a few of her strengths.

She has been on mission trips to Belize and Honduras, as well as Appalachia, worked as a camp nurse at a Boy Scout camp, traveled with Jay to New Zealand for four months, and WashingtonState for three months while Jay served as visiting doctor.

Beverley has given more than 20 weeks of her time, energy, and expertise serving as clinician for the five-day Ministering to Ministers Foundation (MTM) Healthy Transitions Wellness Retreats for Ministers and Spouses in Alabama, Michigan, Virginia, and Wisconsin. She is greatly admired by the retreat participants as well as by the retreat leadership team members. Some participants have pointed out that she not only helped save their ministries but also helped save their lives. She continues to serve on the MTM National Board of Trustees as well as on the Central Virginia MTM Regional Board where she has completed a term a board chair. In addition to serving as clinician at wellness retreats, Beverley also is an ambassador for the MTM mission and ministry, volunteers with projects at the MTM office, and assists with retreat alumni gatherings, coaches ministers through difficult journeys, and helps with MTM fund raising events.

Other activities include spoiling her four grandchildren and her puppy Sugah Baby. She is a dedicated knitter, walker, enjoys traveling, music, cooking, adventure, and has a keen sense of inquiry.

The MTM Board of Trustees joyfully and with gratitude honors Beverley Gregory Buston with the Campbell-Wallace Achievement Award for Distinguished Service.