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Denominational Leaders

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Denominational leaders have common cause in healthy clergy for meaningful, stable and durable relationships with their churches. When not, the costs are staggering.

Ministering to Ministers serves individual ministers, hoping to foster and develop stronger ministerial relations with their churches. An advocate for servants in all faith groups, the Ministry offers spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and legal assistance to ministers and their spouses. In a day of fiscal budget tightening, as well as the need for trained specialists, a shared resource is often the most effective resource. Furthermore, fearing dismissal from a church might affect their careers within a denomination, clergy often are relieved to find support outside their denomination at the Ministry.

Ministering to Ministers provides:

  • health promotion and conflict prevention measures in the relationship between clergy and their churches.
  • model church-minister agreements that outline expectations and open communication at hire and, in the event of conflict and/or separation, resources for conflict transformation or negotiation.
  • a person who will answer the phone when a clergy person is in crisis as well as a remarkably well-prepared staff of volunteers including: counselors and psychologists, pastors serving as “Friends for the Journey”, attorneys, and experts in vocational development, to name a few.
  • webinars and retreats, well suited to serve as extensions of the denomination’s ministry and in its context.