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Support Ministering to Ministers

By supporting the Ministry, you join a host of persons who care about the weary and the heart-broken in ministry.

You care enough to assure that there are:

  • First-responders when clergy call for help.
  • Friends who know this crisis intimately and are well prepared to help ministers negotiate their way through what is happening or what has happened.
  • Resources to offer guidance as ministers build temporary bridges to the future, as well as long term plans.
  • Podcasts, workshops, and webinars about what threatens, sustains, and optimizes the clergy and congregation relationship.
  • Retreats for ministers and spouses to tell their stories, discover fellow pilgrims, and find hope for the road ahead.
  • Spokespersons and advocates for the sake of ensuring durable, stable, wise shepherd leaders for God’s work in our time.

How Can I Make My Contribution?

You may contribute online using a credit/debit card in a one-time payment, monthly payment, or quarterly payment, or you can mail a check made out to Ministering to Ministers to us at 701 S. Columbia Drive Decatur, GA 30030. Please include your email address with your check.

You will receive an acknowledgment and a tax receipt for your records. The Ministering to Ministers Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

I thank God for Ministering to Ministers, whose help came at precisely the right moment and opened my eyes to the first steps that have led me on this incredible journey.

Bill Palmer