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You believe in the church. You hope for meaningful, productive relationships between churches and their ministers.

Yet, a 2012 study found that 28 percent of Christian ministers surveyed had experienced a forced termination. Other surveys put the figure at anywhere from 19 percent of all ministers to 41 percent in some denominations. (Marcus N. Tanner, “Forced Termination Among Clergy: A Study of Experiences, Processes and Effects & Their Connection to Stress & Well- Being Outcomes,” Texas Tech Ph.D. Dissertation, 2011, p. 24.)

Something is wrong and you want to be a part of the answer. Ministering to Ministers is the answer.

  • Give clergy in crisis someone to talk with.
  • Support clergy encouragement, counseling/coaching, legal and career guidance, assistance with negotiating exit strategies, referrals to other needed resources, as well as Healthy Transition Wellness Retreats For Ministers And Their Spouses.
  • Please support the unique Ministering to Ministers mission by giving your gift today. Refer friends. Join leaders in generosity at foundations and denominations. Be generous in the support of healthy clergy, their families and our churches.