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Clergy have a staggering array of roles they play in church life and churches also find themselves with imposing tasks in our time. Together, they may foster interpersonal, financial, and other forms of stress. Stress can lead to conflict and then significant losses, including clergy termination.


As a consequence, the minister may not remain in ministry, may suffer earnings losses, experience marital and family distress or physical and emotional health problems. The church often forfeits leadership, even membership; some suffer setbacks in programs or giving, or, justified or not, reputation in the community.



Ministering to Ministers: 

  • equips ministers to assess their relationship with their church in order to establish optimal terms for employment, including meaningful dialogue and evaluation.
  • attempts to raise the emotional maturity and conflict transformation skills of all parties in church – minister relations.
  • helps develop church-minister primary documents, like job descriptions, covenants, personnel manuals, guidelines and examples of personnel evaluations, and severance processes and terms.