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We Are Here For You


When you call or write to Ministering to Ministers, someone will answer.

You are not alone. We are here to help, to make ourselves available to you, and to call on those who can make a difference for good in your life in a season of change, crisis, even conflict.

The Ministry’s program array offers spiritual and emotional support for ministers and their spouses through counsel, referral, news articles, workshops, and retreats.

The help must be tailored to you, your experience, and what is in your foreground. We help ministers to: stabilize their ship in the storm; identify and assess their gifts, resources, and sources of human support; own their calling and define their direction; explore and clarify their marketable, perhaps transferable work skills; develop temporary as well as long-term plans, and enjoy the support of friends for the journey.

Our approach strongly encourages you to allow a covenant relationship with a friend to come alongside you during church conflict. We can help you there with a Friend for the Journey, someone who has experienced what you have, who comes alongside to listen and offer perspective.

By all means take advantage of one of our webinars on change management, emotional maturity, career development and conflict prevention and resolution, to name a few.

Attendance at a Healthy Transitions Wellness Retreat for Ministers and Spouses, where all the helps mentioned above are present, may prove life-changing. Attendees report that the experience helped them heal, find new direction, renew their ministry, and, on the part of a few, saved their lives. Apart from a registration fee which can be waived if your finances are that tight, the experience is completely underwritten.