Rules of Conduct

These are closed groups for MTM Members who want to share the things that we have experienced in the Church mostly having to do with conflict. In addition, there will be things shared here of a lighthearted nature to bring some levity into what can often be heavy work–that of the ministry.

The reason that the group is closed is to protect conversations shared here and to provide members some semblance of safety in being able to share thoughts and opinions without fear of recrimination. That said, group members are encouraged to still use discretion when posting.

Ultimately, this group is intended to be a safe place where clergy and laity alike can share and encourage one another. Respectful and civil dialogue is a must and where there is misunderstanding, we will endeavor to make things right as quickly as possible so as to live at peace with one another.

Admittance to the group will be subject to the approval of the administrators.

Posts of a derogatory, malicious, vulgar or otherwise inappropriate manner will be deleted, and if need be, will result in the offending party being banned from the group. We are a diverse group theologically, doctrinally, politically and otherwise, so again, respect is a must.

Spam (electronic junk mail sent en masse such as merchandise for sale) will not be tolerated. We also ask that members refrain from the direct promotion of any specific denomination, political party, commercial enterprise or individual. Please do feel free to share about conferences, books, projects, etc. in which you are involved that you feel would be of interest to the group. However, please do not use this forum as a means of self-promotion. Starting your own page would be a better venue.