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Service Awards

‘Henry V. Langford Lifetime Service Award

In September 2010 the Ministering to Ministers’ Board of Trustees established the Henry V. Langford Lifetime Service Award to honor Langford for his lifetime of distinguished service in the religious community and in our country’s conservation effort and for his courageous stand in his church and community in support of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on May 17, 1954.  Such selfless acts of advocacy for marginalized people have been exemplified throughout his life.  Each year, Ministering to Ministers’ Board of Trustees will select one or more persons to be honored by being recipients of the Langford Award. View the profile of Henry V. Langford.

In March 2011 the Ministry’s Board of Trustees awarded the first Henry V. Langford Lifetime service awards to the following persons in recognition of their service in keeping with the guidelines of this award.

Dr. Donald Ross Campbell

Dr. D. Ross Campbell is an adult, adolescent and child psychiatrist and a noted author and lecturer on parent-child relationships. He was the founder of the Southeastern Counseling Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and served as its director until retiring in 1996. 

Ross Campbell and Henry Langford

Arch Wallace and Henry Langford

The Rev. Archibald Wallace, III, Esquire

Rev. Archibald Wallace, III, is an attorney and he is also an ordained Presbyterian minister. In addition, he is an entrepreneur, mediator, arbitrator, veteran of the U. S. Army where he served as an officer, business man, husband, father, and teacher.

The Reverand Dr. Alvin Edwards

The Reverend Doctor Alvin Edwards is a pastor, civic activist, advocate for marginalizing people, trailblazer, educator, counselor, theologian, pulpiteer, and leader in matters of public policy. He is also a past mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia and is well known for his commitment to his family. A friend of his described him as a “Man with many hats.” Another friend described him as a person who “Gets things done!”.

Campbell/Wallace Ministering to Ministers Service Award

In March 2011 the Ministry’s Board of Trustees established the Campbell/Wallace Ministering to Ministers Service Award to honor Dr. D. Ross Campbell, psychiatrist, and Rev. Archibald Wallace, III, Esquire, for their outstanding service to ministers and their families through our mission and ministry. Each year, one or more persons whose commitment of time, energy and expertise through Ministering to Ministers will be honored by being recipients of the Campbell/Wallace Award.

Each of these men has volunteered hundreds of hours during the past decade and a half reaching out to wounded ministers and their families.

In September 2011, the Ministry’s Board of Trustees awarded the first Campbell-Wallace Service Award to William J. Irvin in recognition of his service in keeping with the guidelines of this award.

William J. Irvin, J.D.

Bill Irvin is an attorney whose practice encompasses all areas of commercial and corporate representation. He also maintains an active income tax planning and estate planning practice for individuals and couples to preserve holdings for future generations. Read more…

Beverley G. Buston, Ph.D.

Dr. Buston has given more than 20 weeks of her time, energy, and expertise serving as clinician for the five-day Ministering to Ministers Healthy Transitions Wellness Retreats for Ministers and Spouses in Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Virginia, and Wisconsin. She is greatly admired by the retreat participants as well as by the retreat leadership team members. Some participants have pointed out that she not only helped save their ministries but also helped save their lives. Read more…

David A. Myers, D.Min.

David A. Myers is a native Mississippian and a graduate of Mississippi College. He also earned the Masterof Divinity and Doctor of Ministery degress fromt he Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. After serving in pastoral roles in Mississippi, Kentucky, and South Carolina, he worked with two associations of Baptist Churches, recently retiring after 29 years as the Executive Director of Missions for Hamilton Baptist Association comprised of 107 churches in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. Read more…

Roberta M. Damon, Ph. D.

Roberta M. Damon, a native of Oklahoma, is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, Christian, former career missionary, certified family counselor, genuine listener, dynamic teacher, published poet, effective pulpiteer, conference facilitator, author, and one of the most caring persons to have ever walked this earth. Read more…

Reverend Frank Lomax, Jr.

A man of many talents, Frank Lomax, Jr’s formative years were greatly influenced by the prevailing cultural and economic constraints of his generation. Read more…