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We Are Here For You

Ministering to Ministers provides tangible support for ministers and churches to establish a good beginning, work through change, and manage transitions in relationships and crises, including those occasions when ministers and churches go their separate ways. You don't have to go through the tough times alone.

Here For You


When you call or write Ministering to Ministers, someone will answer. 

You are not alone. We are here to help, to make ourselves available to you, and to call on those who can make a difference for good in your life in a season of change, crisis, even conflict. Read more…


Local Church Leaders

Clergy have a staggering array of roles they play in church life and churches also find themselves with imposing tasks in our time. Together, they may foster interpersonal, financial, and other forms of stress. Stress can lead to conflict and then significant losses, including clergy termination. Read more…


Denominational Leaders

Denominational leaders have common cause in healthy clergy in meaningful, stable and durable relationships with their churches. When not, the costs are staggering.

For instance, denominations contribute 9.3 percent of the budgets of the seminaries (The Association of Theological Schools, The Commission on Accrediting, Data Tables, http://www.ats.edu/resources/ institutional-data/annual-data-tables). Read more…


Leaders In Generosity

You believe in the church. You hope for meaningful, productive relationships between churches and their ministers.

Yet, a 2012 study found that 28 percent of Christian ministers surveyed had experienced a forced termination. Read more…

All That’s In Print and Presentation

Ministering to Ministers, its staff, and volunteers offer you resources for workshops, retreats, presentations, spokespersons, and research: Read more…


Theological Education

Partnership is imperative.

According to studies by the Alban Institute and Fuller Seminary, 50 percent of ministers drop out of ministry within the first five years and many never to go back to church again… Read more…