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What We Do

“We advocate for Ministers. We reclaim Ministers. We equip Ministers.”

We advocate for Ministers

We seek to provide tangible support for ministers and churches to establish a good beginning and work through change and manage transitions in relationships and crises, including those occasions when ministers and churches go their separate ways. This can be a healthy form of leave-taking or may result in involuntary separation. We help clergy with these transitions and offer guidance and referrals to ministers and churches. We are advocates for ministers.

We reclaim Ministers

By offering spiritual, emotional, physical, social, career, and legal assistance to ministers, their families, and churches, our hope is to develop healthy relationships, productive work environments, worthy transitions, and durable ministries. We reclaim ministers.

We equip Ministers

Our goal at Ministering to Ministers is to help ministers and churches have healthier relationships. We want ministers to learn to follow the positive dynamics of stress and utilize them as opportunities for personal and professional growth rather than a destructive interference. We want to contribute to the positive forces that will enable ministers and churches to grow together rather than divorce. If the relationship cannot continue, our desire is that solutions be found that embody the Spirit of Christ and assure that no one be destroyed in the process. We equip ministers.