MTM is championing health and wellness throughout the duration of a career in ministry by offering workshops designed for all clergy to create a community of support and healthful living.  These focus on seven key areas of health and wellness – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, occupational, and environmental.

One-Day Workshops


Workshop Topics to Create Your Own

One-Day Workshops:

Helping Ministers Help One Another

Three principle sessions:

  • “We have a problem” includes Magnitude and Consequences of Church Conflict & Forced Termination, Learning to Read the Signs, Group Time;
  • “You can help,” includes Emotional Intelligence, How to Have a Listening Ear, Group Time;
  • “Take care of yourself first,” Ministers Must Accept Responsibility for Their Own Self Care, Six Relationships Every Minister Should Develop, Giving Attention to Spousal and Family Relationships, Develop a Life Outside the Church, Group Time.

Remaining Healthy While Navigating Through the Joy and Turbulence of Parish Ministry

Becoming a Forgiving Person; Learning to Make Power Structures an Asset; Practicing Good Self Care; Remaining Healthy While Navigating…; Strengthening Your Spiritual Self; Thinking Systemically; Utilize Your Spiritual Resources; What’s Happening to Our Ministers; Wise as Serpents…

Transitional Nature of Youth Ministry: How to Transition With Grace

I. The Reality of the Issue: Transitional Nature of Youth Ministry: Crisis in Ministry; Cultural Shift; Unrealistic Expectations.

II. Preparation for the Situation: A Support System; Systems Thinking; Care for your Physical Self.

III. Dealing With Difficult People; Prepare in Advance How Tenures Conclude; Apply Emotional Intelligence; Become a Forgiving Person; Utilize Spiritual Resources; Relationship to Your Pastor

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Topics For Workshops:

Becoming a Forgiving Person

“Forgiveness is a popular word. It may be talked about more frequently than practiced. Though most of us recognize that the ideal lifestyle includes becoming a forgiving person, the practical application is easier said than done. Genuine forgiveness, like grace, is never cheap.” – Charles H. Chandler, D Min

Checking a Congregation’s DNA

“Just as both healthy genes and viruses are passed from generation to generation among human beings, both functional and dysfunctional systems pass the hereditary information from one generation to the next through cells in the organization.  This includes churches.  To know the background and health of a church does not solve all problems.  However, it can reveal the need for organizational management.” – Charles H. Chandler, D Min


Dying in the Pulpit is Not a Retirement Plan

Part I:  Financial Planning for Retirement is Just Good Stewardship

Part II: A Good Retirement is More than Money

End Of Life Planning  

Are your ducks in a row in case of sudden death? Have you planned for what happens after you are gone?

How to Apply Family Systems Theory

Family Systems Theory broken down, explained, and executed

Emotional Intelligence in Ministry

Emotional intelligence is using emotion to help us cope with our environment successfully.


Personal Financial Peace – Budgeting & Saving

How to budget and save (books and videos included, 6- week series in one day)

Investing 101

How to invest your money. Should be done as follow-up to budgeting and saving

Leading by Empowering: Confronting Bullying

Transforming Power Structures into Assets when You Can Do So without Compromising Integrity. Recognizing Bullying and Refusing to Perpetuate a Diseased Culture for Your Sake and the Congregation’s Sake.

Learning to Read the Signs before Conflict Reaches the Point of No Return

Conflict does not occur all at once. There are sources, a process, and outcomes that need not be inevitable.

Listening in Silence

Silence restores the soul, surprising what you can hear when you just listen.


Caring For Your Physical Self: Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Caring for yourself is critical preparation for the taxing requirements of ministry. How do we take care of ourselves? How to reset your body and gain mental and physical clarity and health.

Six Relationships Every Minister Should Develop

Feelings of isolation on the part of ministers and spouses are intense during conflict with the church leadership or congregation.  Six key relationships make a difference.


Stress Management

How to manage stress before it takes over your life

What About Health Insurance?

How to search for and identify the best plans for you, family, and staff.


Thorns In The Flesh

 Dealing with anxiety and depression